First Blood Memorial – Monday May 16th

FIRST BLOOD MEMORIAL PROGRAM – The ILWU Southern California Pensioners will be holding their annual memorial to those Brothers and Sisters who were killed on the job throughout the years.  This year’s event will be honoring our own Local 63 Brother Anthony Harris who was killed last week at the Evergreen terminal.  Please plan on attending and joining the ILWU family to remember those we have lost.  The event will take place on Monday, May 16th at 12:00 p.m. at the base of 6th Street and Harbor Blvd., in San Pedro.

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Gerald Desmond Bridge Updates Open House – May 4th – 7 to 9 am

Attention Members:

The Gerald Desmond Bridge Project team is hosting an Open House on Wednesday, May 4, to provide updates on construction and trucking and commuter routes. (There are no long-term detours or closures upcoming.)  All ILWU members and community are welcome to attend anytime from 7-9 a.m.; breakfast will be provided.

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04-11-2016 Desmond Bridge Open House and Updates


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Attention Local 63 Members:

PAID HOLIDAY – MONDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2016 – WASHINGTON’S BIRTHDAY – Is an automatic holiday for those members who worked at least 1300 hours (1200 if age 60 or over) in 2015.  Those members who did not, must work at least two (2) of the four (4) days exclusive of the holiday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, February 16, 17, 18 or 19.  Members who are on disability during the holiday week and who worked at least 800 hours (700 if age 60 or over) but less than 1300 hours (1200 if age 60 or over) in 2015 must submit a doctor’s note to the Business Office covering them for the holiday week and REQUEST THAT A CLAIM BE SUBMITTED ON THEIR BEHALF.  Remember, only those members who worked at least 800 hours (700 if age 60 or over) in 2015 are entitled to receive or file a claim for paid holidays in 2016.

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On November 10, 2015, PMA took Local 63 to arbitration over PMA’s position that Local 63 unilaterally implemented a dispatch policy allowing Marine Clerks taking 30% jobs to take more than one job in a 24-hour period (i.e. double back).

On December 31, 2015, the new tripartite arbitration panel in Southern California (Mark Mascola, Ron Merical, and Walter Daugherty) issued a decision in favor of Local 63.  In the decision, the Arbitrators agreed that Section 8.14 of the PCCCD clearly states that Marine Clerks, “qualified, ready, and willing to do the work” shall be dispatched prior to any workers not on the Clerks registered list.

This was the first test of the Southern California tripartite area arbitration panel and we are proud to report the Arbitrators’ Decision as follows:

1. The dispatching of Marine Clerks to more than one job in a twenty-four hour period is not a violation of the PCCCD;

2. Changes to the Joint Dispatch rules shall be made only by mutual agreement;

3. The Employers’ motions are denied.


Click on below link to read Arbitration award.

1-5-2015-SCAA-0004-2015 – Local 63 – re Clerks Doubleback

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