Attention Local 63 Members:

Please note, the Local 63 Business Office just mailed out the next 3 months of work cards so you should be receiving them in the next few days. Included in the same envelope are work cards for May, June and July.  Due to concerns with COVID – 19 possibly affecting operations in the Business Office as well as the launch of the new online work card, we thought it would be best to have one mailer with 3 work cards so that we are covered through July.  

During this time we will monitor who is still using the traditional work card and who switches over to the electronic version and then make a determination on how to deal with future mailings for those members that do not wish to use the online version.

As a reminder, if you choose to use the online version you do not have to fill out and submit the paper card.  Regardless of which option you choose, the deadline to turn in your paper card or submit your card through the app remains the 10th of the month.  


The Local 63 Officers